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Akies Games began releasing games for the Symbian smartphone platform in 2013. Our debut release PuzzleStones moved over 10,000 units and was downloaded in well over a 100 different countries. After time spent evaluating other mobile operating systems the decision was made to switch to the PC and console markets for future projects.

As of early 2015 Akies Games' sole focus has been on development for Wii U™, with Aenigma Os due to be released mid-2016. Combining many of the elements from our early puzzle games into one package, Aenigma Os is the first of a trio of titles due to be released in the coming year for the platform.

Work has begun on the follow up title Revex. Inspired by the non-linear placement strategies found within Aenigma Os's puzzle mode and combined with the results of some experimentation concepts with piece multiplication it is on track to provide another whole new way of experiencing puzzle games.

Meet Our Team
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Duncan Waugh
Design, Code, Music, Art
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Rebecca Waugh
Design, Art, Music
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Test, Apples, Naps
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Test, Grass, Jumping
Recent Work
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Aenigma Os

Arcade Puzzle action on Wii U™.

1st Portfolio Thumb
Octopuses - Horizons

Single full of drums, bass + samples.

2nd Portfolio Thumb

Upcoming on Wii U™.