Skill-Based Design

Taking the luck out of puzzle games. It's easy to make matches in the game, but a lot harder to make really good ones.

Hugely Varied Modes

Featuring a plethora of different modes that use the same core mechanics, but turn player strategies completely upside down from each other.

Loads of Levels

100 Campaign levels, 50 Puzzle levels, 6 level Arcade mode, 16 leaderboards, custom challenges, multiple difficulty options & multiplayer.


With players able to turn on or off all the different scoring options, the muliplayer experience can be tailored to any number of different styles.

Drum & Bass

With an original soundtrack full of beats and bass, there's never a slow moment.

Animated & Painted Backgrounds

Complete with lavish paintings, covering a wealth of different environments.

Recent Work
1st Portfolio Thumb
Aenigma Os

Arcade Puzzle action on Wii U™.

1st Portfolio Thumb
Octopuses - Horizons

Single full of drums, bass + samples.

2nd Portfolio Thumb

Upcoming on Wii U™.